4 Common Ways to Remove a Tree Stump


Removing a damaged tree can leave you free from damaging factors. However, the massive tree roots are left. That can be damaging as well. A tree stump removal will give you safety from further damages. It will also provide restoration to your environment. 

A cleaner, fresher surroundings will greet you when you go outside. Stump removal can be tedious. Good thing, there are experts to help you get rid of lifeless roots. 

Or, what you can do is to rid of them yourself. Yes. You can uproot those enormous tree ruins with your hands. Machines can also help you do this or rely on old-fashioned stumping. Here are the ways you can take tree roots away.

Remove Manually


The most common way to remove the stump is cutting then digging out the roots. With the aid of tools, you can tear the roots out from the ground with your own hands. 

Here are the tools you will need:

  • Ax
  • Mattock
  • Bow Saw
  • Digging Bar

Since this is a conventional way, you won’t need to use electric equipment. Just get the specific tools and protective gloves, and necessary gear to get you started. 

This process will need your patience and lots of energy. Manually removing the stump can take about 12 hours to two days.

DIY Stump


You can be on a more creative side. Instead of or removing the roots, why not make it disappear and turn it into something else. Like a DIY bench or a garden accent.

Recycling the stump will also cost you zero. You can even use it as a plant box by attaching air plants or planting directly on the exposed branch. 

This way, the abandoned trunk can be used as a life source for other plants until it rots away. When the trunk drained of water and got its core run out of its layers, it will deplete and be buried on the ground as time goes by.

Stump Grinder


A power stump grinder can be rented from professionals. Or have the pros come to remove it. A machine is a thousand-pound object. The service provider can deliver this to you if you rent it. Be sure that they will be able to transport it to you and take it after using it. 

Before using the grinder, manually chop the roots and dig portions of the soil and grass. Then, you can power up the grinder and slowly remove the chopped trunk out of the ground. 

After this, a hole will be left on the ground. Fill it soils and chips of wood. Don’t leave that spot hollow, for it may cause other accidents.

Remove with Chemicals


A less tedious, effortless stump removal is with the use of chemicals. If you do not want to sweat riding off lifeless roots, then rely on some chemical reaction. This process lets you choose between natural chemicals and acidic ones. Natural chemicals you can use are Epsom salt, potassium nitrate, or backyard compost. They will naturally rot the stump. For a home remedy, solvents that you are readily using for cleaning can also work its tricks. Muriatic acid and/or bleach can rot the stump as well. 

When the stumps had been rotten, it will remove easily. Just left it on the ground until it deteriorates and gets buried in the soil. If you used the cleaning agents, it’s better to treat the soil. Add mulching in it or throw in decomposing leaves and grass to cover.

Want to know more about Tree stump removal? Check out our different tree services or learn more by reading through our next blog about the six reasons why landscaping matters.

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