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Tree trimming services can be extremely risky, considering that they can grow as tall as 50 feet. This is why you need our company’s professional arborists to do the trimming safely and efficiently. The process involves a lot of skills, cutting-edge equipment and vast experience avoid any accident in the process. With over two decades of experience, our experts are your best bet to do the job professionally and restore the magnificent look your residential or commercial property lawn deserves.

If you want to hire a reliable local tree service company, look no further! Contact us for cost-effective and quality work every time, every day, even for emergency tree service.

Advantages of Tree Trimming Greensboro NC

If you think trimming your trees aren’t necessary, think again! Apart from the wind and storms that naturally remove decayed tree limbs, getting experts to do it helps your trees in more ways than one.
  • Increase lifespan. Old branches can actually hinder your trees from growing bigger and stronger. The more frequent you trim them, the better chance they have at growing longer and healthier limbs.
  • Improve Aesthetics. The process gives your plants an appealing look because you can create all sorts of shapes and shades underneath, which reflects on your home. Lounge under your trees’ shade after a good tree trimming Greensboro NC.
  • Avoid Hazards. Trees grow weak and their branches become susceptible to breaking when the weight of their leaves grow heady. Tree trimming is a safety precaution against dead and weak branches falling on people, property or electricity lines. 
  • Greater Resilience. It strengthens the plant and helps it survive the harsh weather changes because the weaker limbs have been removed to help new ones grow. 
  • Natural Pest control. Trimming your trees s also a safety precaution against insects and diseases that have clung and made a home out of your greeneries. The procedure controls and fights against pests and insects that would want to make your conifers their hosts and source of food.
  • Time Efficient. Hiring experts to do the job not only herps your plants but also helps you get more work done with more time on your hands. Leave it to us!

When to Get a Tree Trimming Greensboro NC Service?

Property owners are curious as to when exactly a  tree should be pruned. The answer really depends. Most pruning is done because of an infestation, disease, or damaged branches that are about to fall off. These are usually done immediately because they can spread to nearby branches and even other trees. Still ,we recommend that your trees should not be trimmed randomly because every cut changes the way a tree grows and can cause wounds and further damage. Consult with a certified arborist first before deciding to trim your greens. Here are just some types of trees and the right time of the year to get them trimmed.

  • Deciduous. Deciduous trees shed every year and some may think since that is the care, no trimming is needed. In actuality, deciduous plants grow better when trimmed in the late fall until the onset of winter. At this time, their branches are seen much easier and pest and insects have subsided or died out.
  • Newly Planted Trees. Young trees require the most care and therefore the most trimming. Make sure to help them grow strong with proper trimming services.
  • Subtropic. These trees are best trimmed year-round. Be careful not to do it in excess though because large amounts trimmed off may cause more harm than good.
  • Flowering Trees. After they have bloomed, these plants are not ready to be trimmed. Check with an expert to know the specifics about the trees on your property since some have specific needs.

Why Hire Tree Service Greensboro NC Experts?

The task may appear easy on paper, but only an experienced professional in Greensboro NC is able, qualified and equipped to scale up those trunks and do a successful and professional trimming job.

Arborist can identify various tree types and apply the specific care and techniques required to trim them. Each specie may have different growth patterns, and it’s easy for their branches and stems to harm another during trimming. Accidents can be common especially with amateurs who lack the required knowledge and equipment needed for the job.

Our professionals are experts at understanding the seasonal changes that affect the life of trees and how well they can withstand varying weather conditions. They will offer you advice on the ideal time of the year you’ll be need trimming and the best way to prolong its life irrespective of extreme changes in weather conditions.

Do you want to give your conifers, shrubs and bushes a fresh cut? Hire our certified and insured tree service experts in Greensboro North Carolina to do the job!

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Hiring the right arborists ensures a great job done and would avoid cases of improper trimming, inefficient cuts, tree rotting or abnormal growth and weak limbs of your trees. Such a mess is the reason some branches fall on clients’ properties and make a mess Luckily we're here to help you! Connect with us to get the perfect trim that you paid for. We also offer tree removal, tree pruning, tree planting, stump grinding, stump removal, land clearing, tree planting, lawn care, tree care, and other tree services. Give us a call today! FREE ESTIMATE!

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