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We know that trees can be amazing pieces of art that we can have near us, even to decorate our garden, pieces of art that nature has given us and which we can appreciate and enjoy. Although a tree can beautify our garden, over time it can begin to cause problems difficult to solve by ourselves, such problems can include the size of the roots, harboring insect pests, damaging our garden, interfering with public wiring, among others. In these cases, although we do not want to remove this tree, professionals at Greensboro NC Tree Service Removal may call for a professional tree removal procedure to avoid problems in the future.

Tree Removal Greensboro NC | Process

  • Step 1. Tree Removal Evaluation
    Our team evaluates the quality of your tree, we see if it is healthy or not in order to determine how the extraction will be done. this step is vital to ensure that the process is safe and there are no possible casualties from felling the tree. With this, our arborists may also consult with you on their professional opinion and the next steps to take in case you wish to save the tree, use its remains, or even available stump removal Greensboro or Greensboro stump removal to completely remove the tree.
  • Step 2. Area Evaluation
    After having made an adequate observation about the quality of the tree, we will analyze the area in which the tree will fall, we do not want your tree to fall on your roof, so we will be careful when analyzing the ground so that the tree falls in the right place and way. Plus, its root system may erode the soil and affect underground lines so a thorough inspection must be done.
  • Step 3. Actual Greensboro Tree Removal

    Our skilled and certified arborists are equipped and ready to take on the job. This procedure requires the right tools, machinery, and experience so we do not recommend you to undertake this on your own. Leave the job to us!

  • Step 4 (Optional). Preventive Tree Growth.
    We will give you the option to take advantage of our complete tree service to prevent other parts of your tree from growing. This will be an additional service due to the complexity that it can entail and the labor-intensive nature of the job. 
    Don’t worry about the mess! All the leftover leaves and wood chippings will be taken cared of by our team. We believe in cleanliness from start to finish! Trust us to do a great job. We also handle emergency services for trees.

Tree Removal Cost Greensboro NC

May are wondering “how much does a tree removal cost?” and indeed, answers may vary from person to person. On the average, a tree removal would cost you around $150 to $1100 and various factors can affect the pricing. You can opt to leave the stump or remove the entire tree altogether. Because trees can vary in width, height, and root system, feel free to consult our friendly customer service to get an estimate and answer all the questions you might have about a Greensboro NC tree removal. 

Do you need a Tree Removal Service in Greensboro NC?


At times, there are obvious reasons for availing a Greensboro NC tree removal service but at other times, it may not be, so, here are some signs to help you figure out when a tree is doing more harm than good to your property:

  • Perhaps a fungus, any disease, or even a past event of nature may be weakening your tree without you noticing, examine it and with that you will know if you need to remove it soon.
  • Perhaps you are noticing insects or birds in excess, throwing them will be difficult to execute, so you better consider removing your tree before these animals bring any disease.
  • Perhaps it is only a matter of aesthetics and you consider that it is time to remove the tree and make a complete renovation to the garden or the patio.

When in doubt, don’t hesitate to call the experts of Greensboro NC Tree removal to do a professional inspection of the area to help you understand what your property needs and get the tree service that’s right for you.

Greensboro Tree Services

Why Get Professional Tree Removal Greensboro Services?

Tree Removal Greensboro Services are extensive, exhaustive, and dangerous when not handled properly. Apart from the heavy equipment and knowledge needed to use such tools, having a certified arborist on your side makes all the difference to get a thorough inspection and extraction of your trees whether on residential or commercial property. Leave the job in our hands! Save time to do more important things as we take care of your tree service needs. We also offer tree trimming, stump removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, lawn care, and other tree care services. Give us a call!

 For a long time, here in Tree Service Greensboro NC, we have dedicated ourselves to dealing with these types of situations by helping people remove trees that have become a nuisance near their homes or workplaces. Knowing this, you can trust us so that in such a way you don’t have to worry about having to do only the arduous work of removing a tree, and we say arduous since sometimes it can be a dangerous practice due to the weight and the conditions of the terrain in the which the tree is planted; For us, it is very important that you know a little about our work methodology and that way be sure that when you hire us you can receive a good job from us, so, here we leave you with some of the things that you will feel good with backed by our work.



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