How To Take Care of Trees in Greensboro NC

The Greensboro gentle winds blowing feels cool to the touch. A sense of calm gushes through you as you walk past a tree-lined sidewalk on a muggy month in the city. During the late winter, the evergreen trees are slowly falling off their snow, and a tiny leaf on the bark is about to appear. 

Seeing some twigs and branches that do not seem to survive the freezing wind makes you a little sad. Also, it got you thinking that maybe you need a tree mulching service in Greensboro North Carolina to help you out.

Imagining trees that are about to bloom after a long cold winter warms a heart. As spring approaches, you get a spurt of urgency to call for tree maintenance, landscaping, and tree conservation service. Some trees and shrubs might need pruning after a long period that you haven’t get out and not pay attention to your green leafy friends. 



North Carolina is known for having great soil and a climate that suits to grow many types of trees and plants altogether. The general climate of Greensboro is known to be mild. It has four seasons at play with 271 days of sun, did you know that? So, the folks here mostly have excellent time planting and taking care of greeneries. Plenty of nurseries, orchards, and tree parks live here. And, each of the Greensboro folk aims to treat their orchards and gardens with utmost care. 

Knowing what type of climate fills the city will help you plan some tree care guide you can follow throughout the year. Consider these following components when thinking of trees:

  • Precipitation or how dense water and moisture is around
  • Humidity or how warm is the climate at a specific time
  • Sunlight, regarding this it helps you know when is the time of year the sun shines longest, and when it comes out later in a day, it varies depending on what season you are in

Spring (March-May).  During the North Carolina Spring, the city is when it is most alive. It is a time where tourists mostly want to come. It is due to fruit-bearing trees and flowering bushes that outline the hardscapes of every neighborhood. 

It is best to prune the bushes and trees as spring comes. 

Summer (June-Aug). Evergreen trees abound in Greensboro. Also, this is the season when fruits start to ripen. Taking care of the tree during summer will need you to put extra moisture on the soil. One way is through mulching.

Fall (Sep-Nov).  The autumn also needs preparation for the soil to adapt to the coming cold seasons. Continue mulching your plants around this time. Again, this is not a great time to prune or shape the trees, for the leaves are about to fall.

Winter (Sep-Feb).  Winter is a crucial time. It’s cold. Trees do not bear fruit. Even if evergreens surround you, you still need to ensure that the limbs do not carry too much snow. Heavy snow on branches causes them to break. So, make sure the soil puts on its cover against freezing. Water and little moisture can give extra life to the trees.


There are three basic fixes for the undesirable growth of trees.

  • Pruning.
  • Landscaping.
  • Tree-Cutting.

Meanwhile, two people can care for your trees. One is the pros. Such are the arborists, urban forester, or your go-to local tree services. 

One is, of course, you. According to Greensboro local government, a local forester can guide private property owners for some tree-related queries. But tree evaluation and landscape assessment are for urban planning and development or public property purposes only.

What most owners are concerned about are listed below:

  • Who do I call if trees need work?
  • What do I do with trees growing sideways in my property and is also extending to city property?
  • What trees can I plant in my yard?
  • How can I tell if my tree needs to be cut? Who will do that?
  • The trees are crossing over powerlines and roofs of houses.
  • The limbs of the trees need to be pruned. It is out of the way. It scratches through property walls and exteriors.

Call For Action

We know that these are cares you have when thinking of your trees. Now, you can take things into your hands. But with the city’s ordinances that need caution and consideration for the whole community, calling a Tree Service Greensboro North Carolina will not hurt. You can leave your worries to the pros. They will give you advice and steps on how to treat your surroundings. These are also teams of experts to cater to your tree care needs that the city cannot provide. So, get in touch with one now.

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