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Most often than not, tree removal services don’t take a tree completely out of it’s place; they leave the stump behind. Finding the process of removing it a hassle, many home owners leave it be and assume no harm can come of it. However, there are several reasons why getting a tree stump removal Greensboro is important.

  • Its presence can be quite unsightly and adversely affect the otherwise beautiful landscape of your property.
  • Left behind, decay is inevitable and can become home to many pests such as termites and ants. This can quickly grow into a serious situation, one in which the problem can spread all over the property.
  • It causes inconvenience while mowing the lawn. A lawnmower cannot do an effective job in the area around it and can be the cause of accidents and damages from the machine
  • It is a health hazard as it can cause someone to trip and hurt themselves and serious injuries to visitors can lead to legal suits and costly resolutions for the owner

Why You Need Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding Greensboro is one of two ways of tree stump removal greensboro nc. It involves the use of a tree stump grinder, a powerful machine, to grind it down to a little below the surface of the ground.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding services offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Quick & efficient option. Since it is not a very intrusive process, it is a relatively quick and simple method. Especially when storm damage hits, this is a handy procedure to get rid of possible hazard for people, cars and even your lawn mowers.
  • Environment Friendly. Grinding doesn’t require the use of chemicals. Additionally, the machine grinds the wood into a mixture of soil and wood mulch, which can be put back into the garden soil and benefit the health of the other plants and trees.
  • Size is not a problem. Our equipment is made to grind even the biggest of stumps down. This means, regardless of the size, our team will do the job for you quickly and effectively.
stump grinding

Tree Stump Grinding Greensborro NC Process

The procedure takes into account the heavy equipment needed, the skill in analyzing what is needed, and the stump’s condition. We make sure all three things are in place before the actual grinding procedure.

Step 1: Preparation. Once you decide to avail our tree stump grinding procedure, we set up a time to check out the state of the stump to be removed. Some trees are tougher, thicker, and deeper than others so some situations may call for complete extraction of the stump especially if any pest infestation has begun. Feel free to consult with our friendly customer service to get a quote or answers to questions you may have.

Step 2: Grinding. Once the stump has been assessed, equipment will be brought in. Heavy machinery such as these requires a good amount of experience and maintenance. Don’t attempt to hire a stump grinding machine and operate it on your own without the proper knowledge. The grinding itself may take 15 minutes to two hours, depending on the condition of the tree stump.

Step 3: Clean Up. Of course, the job isn’t done until the place is spic and span. We make sure our team performs a clean-as-you-go operation to leave you worry-free! The fallout from the trees are also useful as fertilizer for the surrounding ground.  Take note that grinding does not take the roots underground and may still survive. Check up on it every now and then to see if it is still growing. 

Why Hire Only Tree Stump Grinding Professionals

Stump grinding requires the knowledge of the process and mechanics of using powerful machinery. For this reason, it is best to hire a Licensed Greensboro professional to get the job done.

If you have recently had your tree removed and are now looking to get those obstructions out of the way, then do not hesitate to call us. We are a professional tree service company in Greensboro NC and stump grinding is one of the services we specialize in. Our services are bound to doing a great job because:

  • we have highly trained, knowledgeable professionals on our Greensboro NC team with a wealth of experience behind them. There is no situation we can’t handle
  • we have only the best equipment to do the job. Additionally, we have different grinders, ranging from smaller ones to more powerful ones, ensuring that we are prepared for the size and depth of your tree’s remains.
  • While dedicated to providing you with the best of service, we are also committed to giving you the best rates so you get absolute value for your money

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