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Mulching is the process of laying mulch over the surface of the soil in order to retain moisture, improve defense against weeds as well as protecting plants during the colder months of the year. It  is one of the best options for protecting your soil and plants. Mulching also helps make your garden look neater and more attractive. It is a great method for conserving the quality of your soil. Moisture retention is one of the main benefits associated with mulching as water is crucial for plants. Water and oxygen are two of the most important elements for soil so mulching allows for water retention in the soil as well as giving it enough oxygen to seep in for natural photosynthesis. Since it also breaks down over time. the Greensboro mulch adds beneficial nutrients to the soil.

How Does Mulching Greensboro Work?

  • These are the top three reasons why mulching is both effective and reliable. Greensboro mulch services are an investment in your garden.

    • Reduces winter injury
    • Improves soil health and quality
    • Increases soil fertility


    Reducing winter injury to your soil is crucial for its longevity. Winters can damage soil and prevent it from returning to good health. Mulching Greensboro protects your soil and ensures that it can survive even with cold temperatures since it can serious damage to your plants. It keeps the soil and root system protected from colder temperatures and the water in the top soil from freezing.

    Improving soil health and quality is another top feature of mulching. Plants are only as healthy as the soil they are rooted in. For this reason soil health contributes to the look of your plants in your garden. High-quality soil is a basic requirement for healthy plants. Since mulching breaks down over time, it provides these minerals and nutrients to plants in the soil.

    Increasing soil fertility is a guaranteed method for producing beautiful plants. Fertile soil is the best breeding ground for healthy plants. With a range of beneficial micro-organisms and organic matter, fertile soil guarantees that plants remain healthy throughout their lifespan. Fertile soil can hold and store nutrients long term. This is a great method for retaining a range of minerals to help plants thrive. Want more ways to help get your trees in good health? Check out our soil enrichment services and Tree pruning Greensboro.

Do I Need to Remove Old Mulching Greensboro

As long as the old mulch has not decomposed completely, it is considered usable for all your garden plants and trees. This can be seen when the mulch hasn’t fully dissolved into the soil that it is indistinguishable. The particles are still solid enough not to break down when held. You can reuse this by raking up the material and preparing the planting bed where you’ll be placing the mulch. Just do the usual planting process and top it off with the old mulch.

Why Avail our Greensboro Mulch?

There are plenty of ways to DIY mulch but not everyone has the time or energy to create their own. That is why we recommend availing our mulching products and other great tree services to get more things off of your hands and have more time to focus on planting and taking care of your plants. Don’t feel guilty about needing the help! Let us help you take care and cultivate your garden to promote a greener and healthier Greensboro North Carolina!

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