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A diseased tree will affect the overall look of your property, and it can even cause accidents if it falls or if the branches broke. Depending on the disease, it can also affect the lawn or other plants in your yard. This is why it is crucial to early diagnose a diseased tree and apply the right treatment for that particular case. We provide professional services for disease diagnosis and treatment Greensboro NC of your trees. We have a licensed company with highly experienced arborists that can help your trees and your entire garden to be healthy and provide a beautiful image, along with many other benefits.

How do you Identify a Diseased Tree

  • At the first sign that your tree is diseased, you should contact us for immediate disease diagnosis and treatment Greensboro NC, to prevent the disease to spread to other plants or even cause an accident. Let’s see the main signs that your tree is diseased:

    • You observe dead branches, that hang low.
    • The tree began to lean on one side.
    • The tree can have a vertical crack on the trunk.
    • Appear small branches on the base of the tree.
    • You may see fungus growing off of the trees. This is extremely dangerous for the tree because the fungus will drain its energy.
    • The leaves may have holes, be dead, or brown colored.
    • You could observe cankers in the tree.

As a general rule, you should make a habit of observing your tree, looking up and down for any of the signs mentioned above or other abnormality that you can observe. You can do this at a couple of days, because diseases are unpredictable, meaning that one day all may appear ok, and the next day you could observe something suspicious. If you notice a sign of disease, it is best to call as soon as possible our specialist’s team to perform a correct diagnose and apply the correct treatment. A proper diagnosis is vital because, after this, we can apply the correct product to control the disease. If it is applied a wrong treatment, it will harm the environment and will be a waste of money, plus that your tree will not be cured. Our experts have the experience and know-how to make the best decision for the health of the tree and your safety. We will identify precisely the diseased area and apply the correct treatment in that specific fragment, not harming other parts of the tree that might be not affected. We offer customized services according to your particular needs, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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Decay trees don’t provide a beautiful image and, more importantly, are very dangerous. You should know that, unfortunately, people can even get killed by falling trees, or properties and cars are damaged due to the trees fall. A diseased tree is weak and can cause numerous accidents, and it is best to prevent them from happening. Check your trees periodically, and at any abnormality you observe, contact us for correct disease diagnosis and treatment Greensboro NC of your trees.

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