6 Reasons Why Stump Grinding Is The Way To Go

 stump grindingIf you have been thinking of cutting that out-of-placed tree in front of your home, or you already did, and you have this annoying stump in the middle of your lawn, it’s time for you to have that stump ground. If you think of it as unnecessary, then you’re wrong.

A stump grinder is a machine that has blades that are made to cut through tree stumps. It reduces the stump until it flattens equally to the ground. Some grinders can go as low as 18 inches below the ground, depending on the homeowner’s preference.

We have listed down below six advantages of stump grinding services. You should know that not only is it beneficial for your yard but also your family.

1. It's the fastest way of removing the stump

There are other ways to remove a stump aside from grinding it. However, stump grinding is, no doubt, the fastest way. People also opt for having the stump removed entirely – including the roots. However, this is too risky if you do not know how large its roots are and how much soil is getting churned. It might ruin the look of your lawn. Using chemicals to kill the trunk isn’t also advisable since it takes an extended amount of time.  

2. It avoids unwanted accidents

Having a stump in how your family often passes by or hangs out is considered a hazard. People might accidentally trip on it and get hurt, especially kids who like to run around your lawn. Keep your home a 100% safe space by having that stump ground.

3. It clears your lawn space

A stump is an obstruction – not only physically but also aesthetically. It is not pleasing on the eye having that dead tree stump in your yard. Stump grinding helps remove that obstruction and clearing your lawn, which in turn allows you to have a clean space that you can start to beautifully landscape. 

4. It stops the tree from regrowing

An exposed stump can regrow over time, and you do not want to deal with it again. Stump grinding stops this from happening by removing the trunk and killing its roots.

5. It's good for the surroundings

If your tree died from plant disease, getting the stump ground prevents the nearby trees from getting infected. The method of stump grinding is also much more efficient for the rest of your lawn not to get disturbed.

6. It prevents human diseases

It is essential to know that these stumps can attract diseases. How, you might ask? Well, this leftover trunk can invite several pests like beetles, termites, ants, etc. These insects carry viruses and bacteria that are detrimental to your health. Having them nesting near your home exposes you to these diseases. 

Stump grinding could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your front lawn. Not only does it helps in enhancing your curb appeal, but it also puts your family in a safer environment.

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